Sunday, June 10, 2007

Antispyware – 2 (Registry scans)

Almost all antispyware products scan for registry values as traces of spyware activity. NoAdware is especially good at registry clean-up. However, its free version only scans but doesn’t clean. If you are acquainted with registry clean-up using regedit, you may do the clean-up part yourself which of course shall take more time than if the software did it for you. And these registry values are not cleaned by the typical registry clean-up softwares available because they clean obsolete registry values.

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Ideas Yours and Mine said...

I saw this at myLot and was intrigued. My computer savvy is almost nil. My laptop runs agonisingly slow at certain hours, mainly in mornings. I am 8 hrs ahead of GMT. At times the pointer moves across the screen in jerky movements and at times the windows freeze up while it says 'Not responding'.
Could you suggest a way to speed up my pc? please.