Thursday, June 14, 2007

Limewire, torrents and Bearshare

Limewire is a peer-to-peer file sharing software that needs java runtime to operate. limewire is a great software because unlike torrent downloading softwares like Bit-torrent, Bit-comet etc, Limewire allows viewing of half-downloaded files. You have to locate the incomplete directory and copy the incomplete file to a separate directory and u can view it. The partial view can give you the idea whether the file is what u expected or something else. that way you wont be easily tricked. On the other hand, if u use reliable torrents, they provide u higher speeds and if u are an experienced user u will know things not available through limewire are available through torrents. a better option is using bearshare as it can connect to torrents as well as limewire users. If u are using torrents, switch to utorrent as it is the most compact and fastest torrent client today. Limewire has an integrated search and search is dependent on the current users while torrents are available on the internet to be downloaded. So while speed of downloading depends on available seeders i both cases, search in case of torrents is not affected available users.

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