Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vista vs XP

I shall compare them at two levels:

1. The core level (the developer level)

2. The end-user level (or simply the superficial or outward level).

At the core level, Windows XP is first of all very stable, actually the maximum stable till date of Microsoft’s operating systems. It is C/C++ - based and that’s why windows programmers can use VB or VC++ for windows XP coding. On the other hand, Windows Vista uses .NET technology. Now .NET is a kind of platform - dependent cousin of JAVA and all programmers are well aware of, JAVA takes more time than C++. The speed based optimisations in java are rather recent. Vista uses much more resources compared to XP basically because of this not because of graphics as is popularly thought. Glassy graphics and 3d desktop come in openSUSE but unlike a minimum of 1gb ram of vista openSUSE uses 256 mb ram. and this is because SuSE uses C++ for creating such graphics.

At the end-user level, vista copies a lot from Mac OS X. You may but still original rules. Apple's friendliness is always more than its competitors. The sidebar, widgets, etc. that come from mac into vista can be brought into XP too using a vista transformation pack. Moreover, for the end-users vista is a real trouble installing.

Many have bought original DVDs of vista but failed in installing it on their systems.

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